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Genealogy is easily one of my favourite pasttimes. I have done genealogy research on my own family as well as research for friends. I have traced one branch of my family to 13th Century Derbyshire, one branch to the United Empire Loyalists of Canada during the American Revolution, and been able to claim Italian citizenship by descent (jure sanguinis) through my research into my Sicilian trisnonno (great-great-grandfather).

I could go on and on about genealogy all day- the supposed descendancy from a mysterious 17th Century woman in New York City whose descendants are heirs to a vast unclaimed fortune in a European bank, finding distant Canadian cousins buried in the San Marcos Cemetery after I had moved here for college, tracking down a 6th cousin in search of a copy of an out of print book (a cousin who ended up living in my own hometown). The miraculous stories are endless.

I plan on creating an entire site exculsively dedicated to this topic. For now, this page will have to do, and more information will be added over time.